“Where do Boston chefs head when their own work is done? To Franklin Café, where the drinks are potent, the kitchen is open until 1:30 a.m., and the food — down-to-earth dishes like soy-marinated chicken livers with horseradish fennel salad — is dependably good.” Gourmet Magazine

“It’s one of the few places I know I can stop by and get a great meal, drink a couple of High Lifes, and be out of there for not a lot of money.” – Kristen Kish in “A Chef’s Guide to Eating Well in the South End.” Read More in Boston Magazine

“ ..No restaurant on the Boston scene may have caught the gestalt of the moment quite as perfectly as the Franklin Café…push your way through the velvet curtain and voila – there’s a community inside. Chatting friends meet other friends, a handsome older couple lean intimately toward each other in the window, young guys drink martinis at the bar, and girlfriends chat in a deep booth. Low lights, chic [rose-red] walls with handsome art, funky music at a respectable volume – the feeling is cool but not forbidding. It’s a neighborhood all its own.” Read More in The Boston Globe

“This South End restaurant calls itself a neighborhood joint, albeit one that offers a creative but never fussy take on late night food and cocktails. The restaurant stays open late, and you’ll find neighbors—and perhaps some off-duty chefs—enjoying the scene.” Read More in Town & Country

“The restaurant doesn’t serve dessert, but never mind: This is rustic fare that eases a day’s burdens, leaving diners convinced that all’s right with the world, and it is available until the very un-Boston hour of 1:30 a.m.” Read More in The New York Times

2013 Improper Bostonian: “Boston’s Best: Industry Hangout”

2012 Boston Magazine: “Best Comfort Food”
2012 Improper Bostonian: “The Great Improper Bartending Competition”
2012 Dig Boston: “Best Late Night”
2012 “The 38 Essential Boston Restaurants”

2011 “Educating Jenny: Tuna Tartare”
2011 Imbibe Magazine: “Gorgeous Gus Recipe”
2011’s A-List: “Best Food After Midnight”
2011 Boston Magazine: “Best Neighborhood Eats”
2011 Boston Magazine: “Best of Boston- Best Classic Cocktail”
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2011 Improper Bostonian: “Best of Boston Neighborhood: Southie”
2011 Playboy Magazine: “A Tour of America’s Greatest Late-Night Bars”
2011 Improper Bostonian: Players- “Owners of The Franklin Restaurant Group”

2010/2011 Zagat= Best Late Night Dining

2010 Boston Magazine: Best of Boston “Late Night Dining”
2010’s A-List: “Best Food After Midnight”
2010 The Boston Phoenix: “Best Food & Drink”

2009/2010 Zagat = Best Late Night Dining

2009 The Boston Globe Barcode: “A Nice Neighborhood Fit”
2009 South Boston Online: “A Franklin Southie Welcome”
2009 The Boston Globe: “Neighborhood Character” 2 1/2 Stars
2009 Improper Bostonian: “Southern Belle”
2009 Rain Vodka: “Bartender Boston Mix Off- Winner”
2009 Hendrick’s Gin: “Beantown Bartender Battle- Winner”
2009 Boston Herald: “Third Franklin Charms”
2009 Stuff Magazine: “Food Coma”
2009 Stuff Magazine: Players Issue- David Dubois
2009 Lola Magazine: “Franklin Southie”
2009 Boston Magazine: “Top-Secret Tuna”
2009 The Improper Bostonian: “Hot Neighborhood- West Side Of Southie”

Zagat 2009/2010= Best Late Night Dining

2008 Improper Bostonian: “Imperatives- Good Eats”
2008 Lola Magazine: “One Great Dish- Oyster Mushroom Ravioli”
2008 Boston Magazine: “Where To Dine Now”
2008 Weekly Dig: “Grub, Booze, Gratis”
2008 Stuff Magazine: “Twist: Liquid Prescriptions”
2008 Boston Globe: “A Portion Of The Proceeds”
2008 AOL City Guide: “Best Late Night Dining”
2008 AOL City Guide: “Best South End Restaurant”
2008 Improper Bostonian: “Best Late Night Dining”
2008 Boston Magazine: “Best French Fries”
2008 Boston Magazine: “Best Late Night- North Shore”
2008 Stuff Magazine: “What’s Cooking”
2008 Boston Globe: “Bottoms Up Its Organic”
2008 Stuff Magazine: “Tim Collins Anight”
2008 Improper Bostonian: Fall Dining Issue
2008 Stuff Magazine: “Triple Threat”
2008 Improper Bostonian: “Franklyspeaking”
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2008 Daily Candy: “Modern Day Classic”
2008 Weekly Dig: “Franklin Southie”- 3 Star Review

2007 Improper Bostonian: “Cityscope: Affordable Edibles”
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2007 Pernod International Recipe Contest: “Modern Classic: Finalist”
2007 WBZ-TV A-List: Boston’s Best City Guide
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2006 Boston Magazine: “Best Of Boston: Franklin Cafe”
2006 Boston Globe Sidekick: “Night Crawlers”
2006 Boston Globe: “Two Chefs Give Meatloaf New Life”
2006 Boston Herald: “Foodies Flock To Franklin”
2006 AOL City Guide: “City’s Best”
2006 Boston Herald: “Cafe Heads Sowa’s Way”
2006 Boston Globe Magazine: “South End Comfort”
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Zagat= (25) Food

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2005 Boston Magazine: “Best Of Boston: Franklin Cape Ann”
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Zagat= (25) Food

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1997 Tab: Readers Choice Award
1997 South End News: South End Favorites Winner

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