The Franklin Restaurants are warm, friendly, casually sophisticated neighborhood meeting places for dining, drinking and socializing. We serve Modern American Cuisine made with the freshest local ingredients at a very reasonable price. Our menu changes seasonally and we always serve nightly dinner specials.

Our wine list includes selections from many of the world’s best vintners. We change our wine list seasonally so you will always find new and interesting choices. Our fraction-over-wholesale list pricing is the only such wine program in Massachusetts and allows us to offer an unbeatable value for our guests. It also makes us popular with many great wineries and makes it possible for us to offer numerous wines exclusively.

The Franklin Restaurants offer several fine micro-brews on tap as well as some of the most original and well-made cocktails in Massachusetts.


“Supreme Professionalism- Attentive, Knowledgeable and Caring” This means that our staff will be extremely well trained, knowledgeable and accommodating. We believe in providing unobtrusive service. Often time, less is more. We don’t need to hover over tables to provide quality service. We believe in integrity in all areas of the business. We believe in treating our guests as you might in our own home, providing warm, accommodating service. We believe in attention to detail. It’s the little things that get noticed or the lack of attention to the little things. When we think of excellent restaurant service the key word that comes to mind is intuition.

In a restaurant like the Franklin with a small crew there is more expected of us. Everything gets noticed and lapses in service or food quality stand out. The happiness of the patrons is our primary goal. With many years in this industry we asked ourselves what major contributing factors lend to the goal of excellence. We believe first in the absolute necessity for food and drink quality. Secondly, but no less important, we believe in servers being themselves with a professional and casual service style that is malleable and welcoming to Patrons from one to a hundred. Being able to determine the needs of each particular patron is an integral part of being an exceptional service provider and delivering a memorable restaurant experience. It is the heart of repeat business.


When a Restaurant first opens the enthusiasm is palpable. The challenge is to maintain that feeling of freshness through professionalism, attention to detail and quality. Our belief is that restaurants are about the guests, the staff, as well as the food. The Franklin is a warm, friendly, casually sophisticated neighborhood meeting place for dining, drinking and socializing. We serve Modern American Cuisine. All our food is extremely fresh. “From the earth to the table”. First and foremost, we strive to be a neighborhood restaurant. However, we do aspire to serve patrons from all over the city, the country and the world.

Our emphasis is placed on the freshness and the preparation of the food and quality of the service. We are in the hospitality industry. One way we can distinguish ourselves is in our attention to detail and our attention to the guest. We strive to provide uncompromising guest service. This means that we need to “exceed our guests expectations” by going one-step further than is expected.


Wine is considered an integral part of what we do at The Franklin. The Chefs, Owners, Managers and Wait Staff have a love and appreciation of wine and they have put an enormous amount of time and energy into creating a list that is not only accessible to our guests but works well with the food we are serving. We constantly strive to develop the list and promote staff education. Wine is meant to compliment the food and not to be stuffy or formal. We aim to take some of the mystery out of wine service and selection.

Our uniquely fair $15 over wholesale policy is the only one of its kind in Massachusetts. Our policy helps to sell wine rapidly, giving us an international reputation for being able to “move” wine. This reputation allows us access to the best wines in distribution.

We believe that our food and our wine list are to be complimentary of each other. The wines have been chosen solely to compliment the food. Our “food and wine” should be in harmony.

Best of Boston - Best Neighborhood Bar 2014


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